This vinegar has a slight spicy taste and the typical Kawakawa flavour comes through nicely, the Manuka
honey rounds the vinegar and leaves a lingering after taste.

This vinegar has a very fruity and refreshing taste, the feijoa characteristics are well preserved in this fantastic vinegar.

This vinegar has a very fruity, slightly spicy taste, the Tamarillo characteristics, especially the rich deep red colour are well preserved in this vinegar.


Kawakawa Vinegar:

This is very versatile, especially nice in dressings and vinaigrettes for light leaf lettuces, tasty with tomatoes and raw vegetable salads;

A raw fish salad with kawakawa vinegar instead of lemon makes a tasty treat;

Enhance sauces for dark meats and also few drops into cream soup achieve a tasty result;

A tasty addition in marinades for white meats and fish;

Feijoa Vinegar:

Feijoa vinegar has many uses, in vinaigrettes for leaf salads or pasta salads, on fish dishes instead of the traditional lemon;

For Asian cooking or to enhance yoghurt dressings;

Use in a reduction for a hollandaise sauce gives a nice twist or a few drops into a fruit salad achieves an outstanding result;

On hot summer days try diluting the vinegar with water or mineral water as a refreshing healthy and thirst quenching alternative;


Use in vinaigrettes for dark leaf salads or meat salads, as seasoning in game dishes and dark sauces;

A few drops into a fruit salad achieves an outstanding result;

Use to marinade red meat for the BBQ giving a tasty twist;

Used in chutneys gives a good tasting fruity addition, and drizzled over goat's cheese or in a marinade for fresh mozzarella adds that special touch;

Reduced to a syrup and drizzled over ice cream makes an interesting dessert;

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